HEALING SINGING opens up in us and around us a sacred, protected space. This space is the source of oneness.

  It's the place where our creative potential expresses and manifests through our voices.

  Through the sound of the voice occurs the connection with the spiritual realms and us, the human beiings of the earth.

  So we come in touch with the essence of our origins, which lays in our melodic consciousness.

In this setting, the body remembers other worlds, the light, the vibration of universal love.

Tones come from listening, out of the moment.

It is our life force, our breath and the sound of the core of our being. 

The sound of the voice penetrates the bottom,  on which we stand, and also has an effect on the vibration of the earth.

This generated vocal vibrations penetrate the deepest layers of the body cells;

support the renewal on the atomic and molecular level.

Our human energy system harmonizes and aligns itself.

Healing happens immediately.

The voice is the medicine we have always with us, and if we use it, it connects us to the heavens and the earth.