CD Shaman Voice

SHAMAN VOICE Musik and Lyrics by Kailani


I believe, that sound is the energy that holds our galaxy on track; everything in the universe has a specific vibration; planets, stones, plants, animals, wind, fire, water and earth, all are an expression of emenating energy and vibration.
I channelled the sound and words. They were expressed through my voice, these love songs out of my heart, and the words for these songs are created in the moment, originated from my breath.

I was inspired, reconciled, enlivened and ecstatic, I lived in joy. 

Then I said yes to what is, what moves and what rests. 


Harmonic sounds call forth feelings. Our body remembers other worlds, the light, the universal love. We crave after a certain vibration that connects us with the evolution of our body and its energy centers. By our feelings we have access to this vibration.

My voice modulates and moves through different colors - red, blue, purple, gold and indigo.

These sound vibrations and colour vibrations move and strengthen the energy fields.

They penetrate the deepest levels of the cells.

Stress can be released from the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical fields. 


The creative power of my voice balances brainwaves, deepens the breath, calms the heartbeat and gives a general sense of well-being.

While listening, you will relax and experience the energy in my songs as it stimulates, sets free and balances your life energy.

I encourage you to sing along with me.
You will experience the benefits of singing.


The rhythmic and repetitious words in the songs have a deep relaxing and at the same time enlivening effect.

I am offering you Shaman voice, i celebrate my life, I embrace love, peace, unity,
the feminine power, the earth, the joy, the brea
th, the dolphins and my fear.


      I offer you here this music, because i want it to go out to the world.
But i am looking forward, if you buy my CD. Thats why here on this website, there is no download possible. 








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